VesVas, Whole Tray and LyfeCycle against Breast Cancer

October 30, 2021 – VesVas and Whole Tray collaborated with Lyfe Cycle during a one-day event at C-Club Kuwait.

Ride for Lyfe was an initiative to collect donations to contribute to the combat against breast cancer.

With over 100 people participating in Lyfe Cycle classes and then enjoying complimentary all-organic lunch and snacks offered by VesVas and Whole Tray, this event was a huge success.

“We often take our healthy bodies for granted. Exercising as we did during Lyfe Cycle's class and then seeing how important natural and wholesome nutrition is important made me more aware of how fortunate we are and how we should also help others”, mentioned one of C-Club's members participating in this event.

Dua Ajrash, the founder of VesVas, punctuated: “we are part of the United Nation's Global Compact project. As such, we need to give back and create a sustainable ecosystem where businesses thrive ethically. This is why VesVas and Whole Tray always try to participate in such initiatives to promote these values".