Food & Beverages

Ves Vas

Behind the concept and the brand, a young woman entrepreneur wanted to introduce something new to the Kuwaiti market. After several years abroad, Dua Ajrash came back to Kuwait with the firm idea to establish a café that would embody all the values close to her heart; sustainability, simplicity and harmony.

The masterful and refined touch of our architectural designs, music and art combined into one room, and with the essence of creativity that it portrays, meant that we would have to invent Ves Vas as a circular pathway seamlessly lining “Purity and Simplicity”. Harmony within contrast, a signature idea of VesVas's food lifestyle, culminates in distinctive and spectacular forms, marking a new era. The play on dimensions and reflections, precise design details, and elegant interior design evokes a sense of surprise and assurance while maintaining a feeling of intimacy through the many distinctive niches. Our natural products and in-house roasted coffee beans make Ves Vas the perfect location to enjoy a coffee cup.
Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Center (JACC)

Whole Tray

We started with a mission to provide nourishment to the body while sustaining our planet. We are always determined to source sustainable, organic as well as locally produced products. At Whole Tray, we are 95% plastic-free as we only offer environmentally friendly products by incorporating biodegradable/recycled materials to decrease the level of pollutions.

Our production process is free of additives, plastics, fillers as well as gluten. We seek to save the ocean from massive pollution and save marine plants and animals as we create a fulfilling experience for our clients.

C-Club Kuwait


At BurgerFi, we never ever settle. That's why we serve the highest quality of natural Angus beef sourced from the leading ranches in the USA and always free of hormones, steroids, and antibiotics. We even go the extra mile with our hand-cut, made to order fries, award-winning quinoa-based VegeFi burger, chicken from Springer Mountain Farms and more. We must admit, though, that none of our chef-created favorites is complete without our frozen custard desserts. So, come in, enjoy our chef-inspired selections in our eco-friendly environment and experience how we redefine the way the world eats burgers.


  • Arabella Complex – Al Bidaa'
  • Avenues Phase 2 – Mezzanine Floor (Next to Magic Planet)