ABDG supports the SBCK's foundation

October 20, 2021 – The newly formed Spanish Business Council Kuwait (SBCK) marks a landmark for Spanish companies and executives in the State of Kuwait.

On this date, our Regional Business Development Manager, Kevin Delaplace Haro, got unanimously elected as Secretary-General of the SBCK.

His role will be primordial in the early stages of the SBCK. He has already been a key contributor in drafting the roadmap for the sustainable development of the SBCK's activities.

The Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain to Kuwait has also deposited its trust in Delaplace Haro to assist Spanish executives in Bahrain in establishing their Business Council.

Finally, ABDG and ABDG Sports have become members of the SBCK. Our donation is aimed to enhance the SBCK's activities which primary goal is to strengthen business relationships between Kuwait and Spain.

“Spain has a significant presence in Kuwait yet, very few people know about it. We must promote Spanish excellence in diverse sectors such as Sports, Industry, Energy, Security or Health. Given the ties between Spain and Kuwait, I strongly believe that better collaboration will result in positive outputs that will benefit the State of Kuwait and its inhabitants,” concluded Delaplace Haro.